I never heard of this place when  I saw it on the list of Rochester’s top places to learn.   Out of curiosity,  I checked their web page.   Then I signed up for a class.  Then I signed up for more.   Studio 34 earns that place on the list.   They are known for small class size and that’s probably the best thing ever.   My first class had three students and one heck of an excellent instructor.   Barbara DeYoung could not have been better, more attentive, patient.     My next class,  enameling,  was with Yvone Copolo.   This artist is one of the best I’ve ever seen and I’m honored to be in her class.   While this class had 6 students,  it was a friendly group.   My next class will be something in glass.     I’m so glad to have found a place that really stands up for it’s ideals of putting students first.     Thank you!