Studio 34 is proud that students come from around the world to take classes. Our global map includes students from: Australia, Israel, China, Korea, Malaysia, Germany, South Africa, California, Alaska, Hawaii, Vietnam, England, Wales, Scotland, Italy, Argentina, Peru, Japan, Canada, Ireland, France, Florida, Arizona, Mexico, China, Belarus, Jordan, Egypt, Phillipines, Spain.

Visiting faculty from around the globe bring unique workshops.

Who we are:

Studio 34 Faculty

Melinda Andrus: Senior Instructor and Mentor Emeritus
Michelle Arena – Senior Instructor, Stained Glass, Mosaics, Fusing Studio Director
Aleana D’Aniello – Enameling and Cloissonne’
Amy Hyser – Jewelry & Seed Bead work, software engineer and web designer
*Barbara DeYoung – Senior faculty: chain maille, wire, seed bead
Barbara Prystaj – Senior faculty : wire, metals, seed bead, macrame, felting
Daniel Porter Stevens – Senior Metalsmith
Dave Davis – Glass Master & Mentor Emeritus
Denise DiGregorio – Wagashi and Fiber Arts
Elizabeth Torgeson Lamark – Digital Photography, studio photography
Maya Postell – Senior Instructor, Metalsmith
Ginger Black – Glass Artist and Graphic Designer
Kelly Letky – Jeweler, Graphic Designer
Risa Tanaka Bardo – Metalsmith
Jamie Marsden – Fusing and Mold Making
Lesley Darling – Senior Instructor, Fiber Arts ( Dances with Wools)
Marilyn Konopka : glass fusing
Rita Tanaka Bardo: senior metalsmith
*Liaung Chung Yen – Senior Instructor, Metalsmith
Alicia Fink – Senior Instructor, Precious Metal Clay Fine Silver
*Heidi Kester – Precious Metal Clay: silver ,copper Woodland Wisps
Janice Wiggins – Precious Metal Clay: fine silver
Donna Gentile – Senior Faculty, Precious Metal Clay: silver, bronze, copper
Patty Uttaro – Seed Bead Work & Design
Peggy Zukaitis – Senior Faculty Flamework
Paul Taylor – Flamework
Marilynne Lipshutz – Senior Faculty: Flamework, Fusing
Jacquie Germanow – Kiln Cast Glass
Meagan Nevil – Metalsmith
Lindsey Arena – Flamework
Marilyn Wizner – Kumihimo
Stephanie Donaldson – Seed bead, pearls
*Molly Colegrove – Senior Instructor: fiber arts, rug hooking, felting Flickr: LucyP
Maddie Stewart – Flamework
Dave Park – borosilicate Flamework
*Yvonne Fordham – fusing, Free SpiritKiln Fired Glass (Facebook)
Cameron Campbell – borosilicate flamework
Tim Colesman – metalsmith
Marianne Dorsey – website
Julie Simancek – senior metalsmith
*Terri Parthum – Website developer and maintenance, professional photographer
Karen Rakoski – chain mail and wire techniques
*LaShannon Hooper – metalsmith
*Linda Connor Cass: Precious Metal Clay
Dick Bennett – photography
*Dan Reardon – photography
Maya Postell – metalsmith
Erik Meeker – glass blowing, flame work
Madeline Smith – flamework, kiln casting, fusing
Zachary Taillie – metalsmith
Michele Ramsey – Glass Fusing
Louise Barco- stained glass
Madeline Schoenfeld – metalsmith
Matthew Gibson: Flamework, sculpture, marbles
Laura Allen Panell: mosaics


Visiting Artists:

Sihoon Kim – Internship/Metals Department
KaEun Jang – Internship/Metals Department
Gracia Nash- Glass Art
Namdoo Kim- Glass Art
Miles Parker – Glass Art
Eunmi Han – Internship/Metals Department
Tim McCreight – Metalsmith and Metal Clay Rio Instructor
John Kobuki – Flamework
Kristina Logan – Flamework , artist in residence, Corning Museum of Glass
Barbara Becker Simon – Precious Metal Clay, glass artist, metalsmith Rio Instructor
Celie Fago – Precious Metal Clay (Rio Insructor)
Tanya Davidson – Precious Metal Clay (Rio Instructor)
Brad Pearson – Flamework
Melanie Moertel – glass artist (Germany)
Patrik Kusek – Precious Metal Clay (Rio Instructor)
Chris Darway – Precious Metal Clay (Rio Instructor)
Claudia Timbur Pagel – glass artist and metalsmith (Germany)
Holly Gage – Precious Metal Clay
Carol Cypher – felting and seed bead
Mary Hettmansberger- metals
Kristen Franzen Orr – glass artist
Milon Townsend – Flamework and kiln casting
Sharon Peters – Flamework
Linda Lawrence – Flamework
Astrid Riedel – Flamework ( Pretoria, South Africa)
Heather Trimlett – Flamework
Barbara Becker Simon – Precious Metal Clay (Rio Grande instructor)
Meng Du – Internship/Glass Casting and Fusing
Trey Cornette – Flamework
Eunsuh Choi – Glass Art
JiEun Yoon – Internship/Glass Lab
Hyesook Choi – Internship: Pate’ de Verre , glass casting, glass fusing
Tom Zogas – Flamework
*Kim Fields – Flamework
*John Ferrando – Fusing and Kiln Casting
*Miles Parker – borosilicate flamework
Deb Crowley- flamework
Terry Kovalcick: Precious Metal Clay (Rio instructor)
Erik Meeker: borosilicate flamework
James Daschbach- Borosilicate Flamework
Yvonne Fordham – glass fusing
Michele Ramsey – glass fusing
Yvonne Cupolo – enamels and torch fired enamels
*Carolyn Baum – Sculptural Flamework and metals
Madeline Smith- flamework
Chenyue Yang : intern, flamework
Maddie Stewart- flamework
Molly Colegrove – sculptural hooking, felting, PMC, seed bead techniques
*Margery Pearl Gurnett – Glass fusing, kiln casting, mosaics, stained glass
Matthew Smith: leaded and zinc stained glass *Unified Visions

*faculty marked with an asterisk: link to website, FB, Flikr Instagram